Friday, September 22, 2006

Time, Please! Gentlemen.

My Angels are morning Angels. They delight in early days and early nights. They laugh as I write these words. Truly I do not mind. I have always had a morning thing. Something about the day being born. Mists lifting. A start. Fresh, exciting. Oh, yes, odd things for someone who has been depressed to feel but those feelings were always there. Yes.

So this morning I am informed that I am done. My work here is finished. I have said all that Pennance and Michael wanted me to say to you. Some will say that my translations are dark and full of foreboding. They are not meant to be. If darkness and foreboding exist it is only because of the flaws within me. The Angelic message is one of Peace, Love, Harmony, and Hope. I cannot stress that enough.

Peace has a good chance to succeed on Earth. That does not mean that peace is a done deal, for it has it's enemies. People make money from strife. Governments stay in power too. Vested interests gain. Still, peace has it's best chance now. This spiritual movement of ours is gaining momentum. We are weary of strife. We are tired of seeing little ones suffer needlessly. Cruel men raise our ire. Our planet is being destroyed even as it's creatures are driven to extinction.

Fear not! Powerful allies come to our aid at this time. Not to maim, not to senselessly destroy. These friends come to cleanse, to heal, and nourish the soul and body. I have spoken of the Meek. We should seek these people out, and make them our leaders. They have wisdom and courage and gentleness. We should seek out the Spiritual leaders. The Channellers. These will guide us through spirit guides and Angels.

There are days of darkness ahead. Make no mistake on that. At times it will seem as though the enemy is winning. This is false. These will be acts akin to the futile efforts of a fish, out of the water, gasping for air! It seems counter-intuitive but take hope in this darkness, for it means that we are winning the battle! The worse it gets for us, the sweeter our victory. We here in North America and Europe will not bear the brunt of the worst of the darkness. For that we can trust that we are Blessed already. The Power of Prayer. God hears. Note that we are far from perfect as a society. Far from it. But we Pray to God, and He hears.

Already we are being drawn together. Like attracts like. This is a Law of God. Nothing happens by accident, by coincidence. When you meet someone who seems to have similar beliefs and desires it is not by chance. We are being brought together. Let us not waste this chance for peace.

My Angels are not finished with me. I have still more spiritual growth to do, and my road is yet long. They, and others, are to assist me. This is, I have to say, such a humbling experience for me. I have stopped asking 'why me?', as it makes Angels laugh. These guides are there for all of us, if only we open ourselves to them. Take care, they are prone to laughter and early mornings.

In answer to your next question, yes, we all have a special purpose. That is to Love. Simply Love. If the only reason you fear connecting to your Angels is fear of your purpose then relax, all you will have to do is learn to Love. Tough life. You might have to become enlightened too. Tough again.

Okay, I am done. I am going to grab some good strong coffee and go commune with nature on my back deck. Should be glorious. It's raining.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

River View

Sometimes the messages I get from Pennance and Michael are just for my own spiritual growth. Sometimes not. Either way I have to interpret their messages through various human filters. All of these filters are subject to human failings, primarily the human ego. Though I am learning to suppress ego, I am not yet a master of that skill. I may never be. I am, after all, human.

Oh yes, enlightenment has brushed by my mind. To be certain. And I have re-discovered the path to the Source. Once that is found, it can never be lost again. What we find in the gentle waters of this Source is extremely satisfying to body, mind, and soul. It is a balm for all that ails us. Fear falls away like the scabrous lesion that it is, healed by love.

There is a strong desire, once in this river, to just float along. See the sights, and see them with new eyes. Oh, aye, there is a current to this flow. Quite strong. To go along with the flow of this Source is to join our Free Will with the Will of God. As an aside I will mention the Ten Commandments of Christianity and the 16 Precepts of Buddhism here. Swimming in the river, you will naturally follow those laws. Without effort. Not only that, but just trying to follow those laws will bring you to the banks of the Source, if you are not here already.

Neat, huh?

You knew I would put that in here somewhere. You had to know. If you are coming back here again and again you had to know. You did. There, I wander.

Because of our Free Will we are permitted to swim against the flow. God, in His Wisdom, allows this. This is His gift to us. Keep also in mind that He does not judge us when we do such things. The idea of Judgement is purely a human construct. God loves us. All of us. Even the bad ones. The ones that swim against His Will.

We call them bad. God also calls them His children. Them too. Not just the folks who sail down the river, sail along in His Will.

But now I will digress a wee bit.

It is a truth that God loves us. Deeply. And God has created all things, both seen and unseen by us. Some of these things are both seen and yet unseen. They are felt. One of those things seen-yet-unseen is what I wish to talk a bit about.

We have a name for this seen-yet-unseen Being. Yes, Being. Our perception is of a female Being. Yes, I am speaking of Gaia. Mother Earth. God-created. Living. Sentient. Loving. Incredibly powerful.

Right now, pissed off. At us.

God does indeed love us, but Gaia is not obliged to love us! Only the love and mercy of our Creator keeps her from destroying us completely when we piss her off. Do not get me wrong. She is not an evil creature. She does not hate us. She loves all things that grow and prosper and live and let live. She respects all those who love God. She can even respect those who do not know God but live in balance with her. Giving and taking in accordance with God's will.

There are people on this earth who are pissing Gaia off. Swimming against the current of the Source. She will only take so much of this. Warnings she gives aplenty in the form of natural disasters. Earthquakes, tsunami, floods, volcanoes, poisonous gas emanations from deep below. Just to name a few. These are warnings. Consider where they are happening, and what is happening in those regions. These are wake up calls to the people in those regions, and to the world in general.

Smarten up people. Embrace the waters of the Source. Swim with the current. It is not too late. It is not. Right now, Gaia has given us a chance at peace. We can start by making peace with each other. I call upon people of all faiths to turn from the way of war and intolerance. Come take a swim in the waters of the Source. The waters are clean, pure, and they will wash away your fears.

Come and meet God. In this world.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


A good long conversation yesterday with my Angel Michael about the power of prayer. The gist of it being we should pray more often. Well, duh. Sounds like a no-brainer but he made it sound very simple. And it is.

The simple act of praying, whether it is out loud or silently, connects you to the source that is God. That is, this River of Positive Energy that flows within us. This is a direct connect to Him. Speed dial. All prayers are heard. All. Our God cares. He loves us.

Does not seem like it sometimes, does it? War. Famine. Pestilence. Crime. Drug abuse. Pornography. Child and elder abuse. Pollution. I could go on and on. But God does love us. And he gave us free will, and a soul. Well, okay, everything has a soul, but still.

The point I am trying to make, albeit in a clumsy way, is that not all prayer requests are granted. Sometimes the journey that a soul has to undertake here on Earth is a perilous one. One has to remember that for the soul, all experiences are equally rich and deep and meaningful. For the soul there is no bad, evil, good, or saintly. There is just experience. So sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes prayers go unanswered.

Sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes good things happen. To the soul it is all the same.

And the soul continues the journey it has chosen.

Pray. Pray often throughout the day, and pray when you awaken for no reason in the middle of the night. It is a strong connection to God, and a comforting one.

As I am discovering.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And Now For Something Completely Different.......

Odd morning this has been. Oh yes, you say. Looking back over all these posts you might wonder what would make this morning any stranger than the other mornings since early September. Things evolve. They do.

I am emailing people. Messages of peace. Revolutionary I know and quite avant-garde but still. The Angels suggest I do something and I go and do it. Makes them happy and there is nothing as Holy and Pure as happy Angels. I tell you. One smile from them and your day sparkles. I wish this upon everyone, even those who we judge evil. Especially those that we judge evil.

But I digress. Have I mentioned how imperfect a messenger I am? It is true. Why me, I ask. I used to ask. I have stopped asking. The only answer I would get is, 'Why not you?'. Now I simply accept that even my imperfections serve Him. It all works fine.

Again, I digress. Sigh.

So, a new campaign begins. Emailing Heads of States and other Powerful Persons, with messages of peace and asking them to consider the path of God and peace. Of course I started with the Dalai Lama. Him we need first. His light has always been a beacon in the darkness and so it must burn brightly now.

I know I know I know. What kind of chutzpah do I think I have emailing important people urging them to peace? Ah, but see, two things I will say. First, it is not only me doing so. We must all do this. Ask your Angels, your Guides. They will tell you it is so. Secondly, this I do in the name of God. All glory to Him.

It is time to work.


Sometimes my head hurts. Of late it is being filled with information, feelings, knowledge, and wisdom. Oh yeah, this hurt is not a physical hurt, it is a metaphysical ouch. My head feels like it is expanding.

For many of you, especially those of you who have more experience with your Angels, much of what I write here is old hat. That is simply so. For much of this information is here to reinforce that which is already known. God is a complex Being, and no human mind can ever truly encompass all that He is. We have to partition, that is how our mind works.

Much of the knowledge and wisdom that I am getting from my Angels and my spirit guide is for personal spiritual growth. Parts of that information I am to write here but only the parts that pertain to the growth of others. When enough of us evolve the world will change.

This evolution has already begun. I am but a late member of that cadre, but I am not the last. We have many more to reach. The word is getting out, more rapidly than before, and with more intensity. Angel contact started very slowly, as of a testing of the waters. They have found the waters to be warm, and rich with longing for Salvation, and They are ready for a swim!

We are going to be hearing about Angel sightings more and more. Sightings of Mary too, and Jesus, Mohammed, and Krishna, and Buddha, and all the other Ascended. Those of us who channel will be drawn together, to meet and talk and in so doing concentrate our energy. That is part of our purpose, for in large enough numbers we can influence world events with love, wisdom, patience, and the purpose of the Positive Force.

Avoid the rush, folks, connect with your Angels now! Two for one special, limited time only!


Michael is laughing again. 'Wait,' he says, 'that was NOT part of the message.'

Monday, September 18, 2006

What Three Means

Right now, someone is experiencing Threes. Actually having it happen to them, partially realizing it, and blocking it. Many of us are having this happen, every single day.

I will share what the Angels have told me. Forgive me for the imperfection of my translations, for I am not fully evolved yet, and I am prone to mistakes. Still they consider me worthy so I must soldier on.

All creatures on this Earth have a purpose. Humans are the only creature on this Earth that actually can fight this purpose. In the so-called lower animals we call this drive to purpose instinct, a part of the natural balance. These animals are more in touch with God than we are, as a matter-of-fact, simply by being attuned with their purpose, by not fighting their purpose.

Sometimes, actually, most of the time, we fight our purpose out of fear. Fear of change. Fear of ridicule. Fear of failure. Fear of whatever. The Fear of the unknown being perhaps the greatest fear of all.

When three people close to you begin to channel Angels, one after the other and begin to tell you similar things don't you think you had best start listening? When things start happening in threes you had best perk up your ears and pay attention for God and His Angels are knocking on your door. Best to go with the flow.

There is a current flowing on Earth. This current is a mixture of our Free Will and the Divine Will of God working together. This is the Positive Energy from which His Love flows, from which all Life flows. This is the stuff from which we come and to whence we go. We are free to swim with it, and this is what it means to be with God. Enter into this current and life becomes Heaven on Earth. Blessed.

Angels have a word for those who swim against the current. Actually it is a word we humans have coined. Mind you we are free to swim against the current. They do not hold it against us, indeed for some of us it is needful to do so. Still, the Angels agree that our word is apt for this action of counter current swimming.

They call that hell.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Oh the wonders of it. Angels must be morning entities. Just past 0230h here, and I was gently nudged awake by Them. Actually it was Pennance doing the nudging whilst Michael stood watch, grinning like the prankster He can be. Of course I awoke completely refreshed and full of wonder at the image of the two of them, so child like and yet so Mighty in Their Divinity. So full of Love too. They filled me with Love and Peace and that was the message that I was to write here, after doing a bit of reading. A bit of inspirational reading.

So, there you have it. Today's word.


Spread the word.

Accept some of it yourself too. Makes a world of difference.

Can't sleep now, too full of love, and the coffee is ready. One thing you folks have to get used to when you start talking with Angels. All the giggling and laughter. You start walking around with a big grin on your mug. People start asking you who you really are. What have you done with so and so? You are going to hear this often.


Go. Start spreading the love.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Up The Meeks

Strange days indeed. My days are getting shorter, Fall is upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere. I love this season. Change. Still the days are shorter. That affects a lot of us so called Depressed people.

Our expanded minds seek to find answers and the ego creeps in with unworthy feelings, thoughts, and emotions. We have forgotten how to connect to the positive aspect of life. What our expanding, evolving brain needs is that positive energy that we come into this life with. That child-like wonder. That feeds this new expansion, this new evolution.

What is a child's mind but a big empty sponge that absorbs all that it sees, hears, smells, tastes, feels, touches? That is what connecting to the positive energy is like. It is like being a child all over again. In wonder, in love, in admiration. The information that we now soak up is a bit different than that which we took in when we first drew breath, and it is wondrous.

Which brings me to the Meek. We all know people like this. Gentle, indeed quite fragile at times, yet strong as tempered steel. Compassion rules them even as they have known anger and hate. They make their way as unobtrusivesly as possible until roused to anger. Remind you of anyone historical? Self deprecating. I could go on. Safe to say we all know people like this.

It is written, the Meek shall inherit the Earth. That is a beautiful thing indeed. Beware, Warmongers. Beware. Make your peace now, while you still can.

That is a Truth. Sometimes Angels visit Revelations upon you. Sometimes you get to see stuff. Then you have to try to interpret those things. Our minds, especially this mind, is still evolving and thus an imperfect vessel. But I know one thing.

Hug a Meek person, asap.